It’s Time to Join the Church, Now!

My dear friends is Christ,

How can anyone who calles themselves a “Christian” [like Christ & a FOLLOWER of Chirst] hold such a clearly anti -biblical] message. Simply shameful!

Avoid those who mock Christ my friends!

matt fradd


If you’re a Protestant Christian, it’s time to climb aboard the barque of Peter!

I’m no prophet, but as the world presses in, I predict protestant communities will continue to water down, and indeed change, as they have in the past, “the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints” (Jude 1:3).

Take a look at the following issues:


Did you know that Christian leaders were unanimous in speaking out against artificial birth control for almost 2,000 years!

In fact, all Christians were united in their position that contraception was a violation of God’s will until the 20th century. As late as 1920, the Lambeth Conference of the Anglican Church stated its uncompromising rejection of all forms of artificial birth control.

But at the Lambeth Conference of 1930 it changed its mind.

Now virtually every protestant denomination down the board finds no problem with it. If I was…

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2 comments on “It’s Time to Join the Church, Now!

  1. thank you PJM for showing why there is a difference between catholics and others

    Sproul and MacArthur explain praying to Mary – Can you go to heaven if you pray to Mary

  2. roman says:

    don’t lose you head over it ,

    training with the religious beliefs of Patrick j miron

    Patrick j miron’s opinion is

    God Himself limits their ability to understand the bible by imposing upon them the plague of Ignorance.

    This will be proven and become very evident as we proceed though the booklet Thomas authored, and which, God willing, we shall prove and provide biblical evidence of that explains and supports the Catholic Positions.

    I have for sometime now been Blessed by God, and able to recognize God’s hand in the lack of RIGHT understanding of what the bible really says as a rather common Protestant trait.

    In fact; it seems to be one thing many of the denominations have in common.

    This ought not be a surprise to any of us who are “bible-savvy,”

    as clear warning is given by God through the bible itself., in a variety of ways.

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