Catholics on Succession

SUCCESSION: Ordained Leaders Share in Jesus’ Ministry and Authority

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Matt. 10:1,40 – Jesus declares to His apostles, “he who receives you, receives Me, and he who rejects you, rejects Me and the One who sent Me.” Jesus freely gives His authority to the apostles in order for them to effectively convert the world. Matt. 16:19; 18:18 – the apostles are given Christ’s authority to make visible decisions on earth that will be ratified in heaven. God raises up humanity in Christ by exalting his chosen leaders and endowing them with the authority and grace they need to bring about the conversion of all. Without a central authority in the Church, there would be chaos (as there is in Protestantism).

Luke 9:1; 10:19 -Jesus gives the apostles authority over the natural and the supernatural (diseases, demons, serpents, and scorpions). Luke 10:16 – Jesus tells His apostles, “he who hears you, hears Me.” When we hear the bishops’ teaching on the faith, we hear Christ Himself. Luke 22:29 – the Father gives the kingdom to the Son, and the Son gives the kingdom to the apostles. The gift is transferred from the Father to the Son to the apostles.Num 16:28 – the Father’s authority is transferred to Moses. Moses does not speak on his own. This is a real transfer of authority. John 5:30 – similarly, Jesus as man does nothing of His own authority, but He acts under the authority of the Father. John 7:16-17 – Jesus as man states that His authority is not His own, but from God. He will transfer this authority to other men. John 8:28 – Jesus says He does nothing on His own authority. Similarly, the apostles will do nothing on their own authority. Their authority comes from God. John 12:49 – The father’s authority is transferred to the Son. The Son does not speak on his own. This is a transfer of divine authority. John 13:20 – Jesus says, “he who receives anyone who I send, receives Me.” He who receives the apostles, receives Christ Himself. He who rejects the apostles and their successors, rejects Christ. John 14:10 – Jesus says the Word He speaks is not His own authority, but from the Father. The gift is from the Father to Jesus to the apostles. John 16:14-15 – what the Father has, the Son has, and the Son gives it to the apostles. The authority is not lessened or mitigated. John 17:18; 20:21 as the Father sends the Son, the Son sends the apostles. The apostles have divinely appointed authority. Acts 20:28 – the apostles are shepherds and guardians appointed by the Holy Spirit 1 Peter 2:25 – Jesus is the Shepherd and Guardian. The apostles, by the power of the Spirit, share Christ’s ministry and authority. Eph. 2:20 – the Christian faith is built upon the foundation of the apostles. The word “foundation” proves that it does not die with apostles, but carries on through succession.”






One comment on “Catholics on Succession

  1. patrick j miron catholic troll working4christ2

    PJM correct understanding of scripture with –God Himself limits their ability to understand

    Originally Posted by Albion

    Then you should be able to appreciate how transparent such denominational propaganda comes across to those who have not taken the “whatever my church says” approach to truth.

    A Catholic reply to Protestant “[mis]- Understandings” Part 3

    pat miron

    ONLY One Catholic Church, [23 braches], all sharing the same, One set of commonly held faith beliefs;

    What became immediately apparent is the sincerity of the positions held by Mr. Heinze., and his evident desire to be factual and true.

    Which only affirms my own opinion that God Himself has a role in these well-intended Protestant positions

    which , nevertheless, reflect serious-errant misunderstandings of Catholic Doctrines and Dogma, along with an in ability to separate “church-practices,” which can change, from doctrine and dogma which cannot be changed.

    God Himself limits their ability to understand the bible byimposing upon them the plague of Ignorance.

    This will be proven and become very evident as we proceed though the booklet Thomas authored, and which, God willing, we shall prove and provide biblical evidence of that explains and supports the Catholic Positions.

    I have for sometime now been Blessed by God, and able to recognize God’s hand in the lack of RIGHT understanding of what the bible really says as a rather common Protestant trait.

    In fact; it seems to be one thing many of the denominations have in common.

    This ought not be a surprise to any of us who are “bible-savvy,”

    as clear warning is given by God through the bible itself., in a variety of ways.

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