Heaven, Hell and Purgatory: All Biblical








and Because =

God + Humanity caused

heaven, hell, & Purgatory

I am a Catholic: by Pat Miron

Because God exist, the Universe and everything in it exist. But also, because God does exist, so too must heaven, hell and purgatory., which are not a part of the recognized universe as we know it. WHY so?

Blame in Adam and Eve? No / maybe ? … Blame in on Satan? Yes / perhaps?

There is no reason other than the “want and the will” of God for the Universe and everything in it to exist. God is “Spirit and Truth“ and God is Perfect. …To “be “perfect” means to be complete  and without need for anything.

Humanity; the most prized of God’s creations, because in a manner of speaking we, in some mysterious manner emulate God himself, is the cause of all other created things. [Even Angels]  So why then does the biblical story of creation place “man” as the last of God’s creations?

Our minds,  and intellects are not on a par with God’s. Indeed so far inferior are they that some things we must just accept on “Faith” alone. And that is not a “design flaw.” The reason humanity is mentioned last, in the biblical account of creation is to indicate that everything created before humanity, is for the sake of humanity. God has no need of any of it.

Any discussion of heaven, hell and purgatory , which does exist despite the protest and denial of most Protestants; must begin by some understanding of who and what God is. And THEN; also why God made “man” as He did.

God is as we said “perfect. …” Therefore God can be described as “ALL Good, and EVERYTHING GOOD PERFECTED.”  This brief, but accurate portrayal of God helps us understand that God then is by absolute necessity  “good, just and fair.” From this understanding we can comprehend that these traits, these qualities of God must exist for some specific reason. That reason my friends is how God creates humanity in his own image.

[Gen. 1:26-27] Because God is and must be perfect; God Himself cannot cause “evil.” God permits evil, but is never, ever it’s cause.

Among God’s many attributes, are God’s Intellect, mind and freewill. Understand that these do not reference a “brain and IQ,” which relate to physical elements. It is obvious that God can choose to do as God wills to do; which means of course that God too, possesses a “freewill.” …In humanity our intellects, minds and freewill are permanently attached to our “souls,” which for this first part of our discussion we will identify as “that thing which animates life itself.” And it is in these precise way’s that permit humanity to “emulate the Spirit of God Himself.“ …We must point out that these traits in humanity; are as they exist in God Himself; “spiritual things” which cannot be killed and never die.  And  these too  must exist for a specific reason and purpose.

Because God is Only Good and cannot be the direct cause of “evil,” it seems necessary to address what “Evil is” and what is it’s origin.

Evil is best described as “saying ‘NO!’ is some manner, on some issue to what is the expressed desire and Will of God; our creator. Again, God in an absolute sense cannot be the direct cause of evil; but does permit it. Evil exist because of God’s desire for “perfect love.” … How so?

Because God “is perfect,” quite naturally God desires everything that surrounds Him has to be perfect.

This is a critical point in our understanding; heaven, hell and purgatory.

God described in a single word could be portrayed as “LOVE.” Because love is something willed, not embed, love that is FREELY given and willed is of far greater merit than love that is motivated by some other factor. This then explains why BOTH Angels and humanity; like God Himself, were created with the necessary elements to freely choose TO LOVE; or NOT to LOVE, which is to freely choose to HATE. These elements being our minds, intellects, freewill and souls. Each of these can be demonstrated to exist; but none of them can be quantified to prove their existence. Take your “freewill” for example. How large is it? What is its shape and color? We simply do not know, yet by the fact that you are reading this document [a freewill choice of yours], we can know that these spiritual things do really exist.

While Good exist only because of God and as a absolutely necessary option for humanity; there must be a counter-option for humanity alone, to “goodness” in order to insure the “law of cause and effect”  continues to exist so  that God’s chosen-creations can freely choose to exercise their “freewill’s, minds and intellects.” That option is “EVIL.” …Therein lies the reason God’s created humanity and the angels;  who being made in “His-image” caused, birthed and brought into existence: “evil.”

Evil first reared its ugly head in heaven itself.

Lucifer; an Angel of God was not satisfied with a perfect existence that had absolutely NO needs and only ONE possible want. That “want” was to actually “be-god.”  Angels, even to a much further degree than humanity, too are made in the “image and likeness of God their Creator.” Their Spiritual gifts are far closer to God’s than are humanities. And therefore there potential to sin, and to sin MORTALLY, too is far greater.

PRIDE and a LUST for power drove Lucifer and the many angels who he had sold on the idea of too “beings gods” revolted, and tried to usurp God’s throne. Michael; one of the Arch-Angels led the battle on God’s behalf to put down the revolt. God always remains in charge; so God through Michael won the battle.

Key here is understanding that it was a “mind, intellect and freewill” choice that justified the creation of hell, wrought by denial of God’s sovereignty, Not something from the Divine will of a Good God, that made hell necessary.

Because actions cause reactions that are and must be similar in effect as to the cause;  Lucifer’s breach of love; was converted to hate. And God being “fair, just, and good” HAD TOO inflict a penalty equal to the freewill choice to revolt.

That explains the necessary creation of HELL.  It was not a part of the original plan of creation. God of course knew in Creating both Angel and humanity that there MIGHT be  a possibility for choosing evil over Good. God’s plan was to make the “good” so GOOD and enticing that such a choice, freely made, would by necessity lack love, lack charity, lack humility and actually be a denial of God.

As a consequence of Hell, God had too make possible a off-setting benefit , an “equal good,“ for freely choosing Good; choosing Love, Choosing God over evil. That consequence is HEAVEN, for those who would by their own freewill choices merit it. And this explains the absolute need for heaven.

Let us consider for a moment just how significant, and how exclusive, this fact is.

There are BILLIONS of planets stars and galaxies; but only one, can be proven to support life; planet earth. WHY? …. On planet earth there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF LIVING THINGS, but only one: humanity can rationalize [be logical], and choose to love. Again, we ask Why?

With these kinds of odds it is completely illogical to assume, or presume coincidences, luck  or some other happenstance. So; there is a reason. What might that reason be? The answer is given in the bible.

Isa.43 Verses 7and 21: every one who is called by my name, whom I created for my glory, whom I formed and made.” AND the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.”

So we are ABLE to know that humanity is specifically created for “God’s Glory” and that it is WE; … it is humanity ourselves who God permits to make the choice to Love and obey God; or hate and disobey God. And therein lies the absolute necessity for heaven, hell and purgatory.

In the process of creation itself are many inherit laws. Gravity, space, time are all parts and elements of God creations. So an action requires [causes] a reaction. Cause leads to effect. It is this same principle that applies to the choices we humans make. And it is this reasoning that leads God to create humanity alone [on planet earth] in His likeness and image. It is a singular FACT that humanity alone stems from God’s own WANT. Because a perfect God seeks [but does not command] “perfect love be returned for perfect love given.”

Neither God nor Satan can “cause” anyone to sin, or not to sin.

It is precisely this fact that warrants reward and punishment suitable to our own life- choices. God being “All and ONLY Good” even offers grace sufficient for every man, women and child throughout history to be able to “know God.”  Once known, loving God because almost naturally. But, these graces can be, and are often denied and rejected, which is our own choice. And even once accepted they can later be cast aside for the pleasures of this life.

It is because it is WE who decide our eternal fate, and God “only” confirms our own personal choice that we have Spiritual elements that can’t be killed; and are the recipients; the heirs of our Life-Choices for all of Eternity. Our “Souls” unlike the souls of all other living things is eternal. Further we retain our minds, intellects and freewill’s, along with our souls and it is this “Me,” this “Us” that spends eternity in the location of our own choosing.

Evil is justly rewarded by hell and Good justly rewarded by what we call “heaven.” … The Beatific Vision where we meet and “see” [intuitively], God “face to face.” There can be no greater Good and no greater Evil than heaven and hell. And both are the fruit of Devine Justice and Fairness.

Purgatory is also a Fruit, a Gift, a benefit of God’s love stemming from His Mercy and God’s desire that every one accept His grace and the many aids offered to all who stay in “the state of Grace.”  that makes our salvation a possibility. Purgatory is for our benefit, not God’s.

This is a complex matter and deserves a separate conversation.  The factors involved are: God’s necessary Goodness and Perfection; the fact that ALL sin has “public consequences” which MUST be repaid so that we too can be perfected, which God requires of everyone who enters into His Eternal Presence. Even after sins are confessed and forgiven; there remains this latent layer of our guilt, that must be expunged to purify our souls and make then suitable for God. This repayment can take many forms. Good works, charity, prayers and sacrifices and Indulgences all can serve to lessen, even erase this necessary payback. The thing is we can’t know in this life if we are “paid in full” unless we 1. KNOW that we have earned a  “plenary [or full indulgence]. “

The requirements for a plenary indulgence are tougher than for a partial. After all, a plenary indulgence remove all the temporal punishment due for the sins committed up to that time. or receive the Sacrament of “Final Anointing”  [the Last Rites] and then die without coming ANY further sins. Let me know if you’d like to receive more information on these topics?


Hell exist because Evil exist as a personal choice and MUST be punished

Heaven Exist because Good too is a personal choice and Merits Reward

Purgatory exist because of God’s incomprehensible love for His created humanity. It is NOT a “second chance” in the sense that we understand the term. Rather it is a means to gain heaven IF and SO-LONG as one does not die with unconfessed, or unforgiven Mortal sins on our Souls. Such are doomed to hell.

But if One dies without Mortal sins; but lesser sins or the effects of our sins not fully – repaid; God’s love and mercy can, will and DOES save us, and once perfected, through the suffering of Purgatory; we too will attain heaven.

God Bless,




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