American Bisops Report Card on the 2012 Election

Did the Catholics Bishops Message Make a Difference?

Exit polls from the highly-contentious 2012 presidential race show that Obama captured 50 percent of this coveted cohort, [CATHOLIC VOTE] with Romney taking 48 percent of adherents. In the end, it was close — but the results likely weren’t what some conservative Catholics hoped they would be” [from the Blaze]

In 2008;  54% of [self professed] “catholics” voted for Oboma and the Democrat Agenda.

The Blaze, in the comments sections tells of many Bishops who choose not to follow the mandate issued by their own National Organization; the USCCB. I live in Florida and either our Bishop our my pastor choose not to read the “National Letter to be READ at Every Sunday Mass on 11/01/2012]?” My Pastor did say “remember to vote” in his parting comments.

That the effort of the USCCB, who was preaching in part “to the choir” [loyal Catholics not needing the instruction to vote with Our God;] seemed to have only a minor effect.

2008 “54%” of “catholics” voted for Oboma, and in 2012 it had decreased slightly to “only 50%” of these self-professed “catholics” who freely choose to supported the Democrat Agenda. [Voting for any Democrat MUST, and does, include support of their platform-agenda.]

It’s interestring that 55% in 2008 reported to attend weekly Mass. One assumes that number stayed about the same in 2012? THAT is a SHOCHER!

I, for one do not hold the USCCB at fault and even applaud there effort

EWTN for example had a week of Mass and homilies given by different bishops is support of and explaining precisely why Catholics MUST vote in support of God’s Will. God’s Laws.

WHY was their effort not more successful? A most significant reason is changing American Demographics have lowered the percentage of “white Christian” voters and increased the percentage of “non-white christian” voters. The unknown known factor here seems to be the catechesis of this group BOTH prior to entering America; and after being in America.

This too points to both a problem for, and an opportunity for America’s Bishops AND Parish Priest. An is a effort we ALL need to aggressively support.

The change in Americas Demographic makeup has clearly changed the “National Moral Compass” from it’s long stint of “True North,” to at least solidly “ now-West” if not “Due-SOUTH” direction to the detriment of many souls. Pope Benedict and the Leadership of the USCCB are well aware of this, and it was a motive for this years “Re-Evangelization” push, which ALL of us too must be actively engaged in.

While insufficient and only partially successful;  our Bishops are to be thanked and supported for their effort, and encourages to redouble their efforts, and aim them not to the “Loyal” Obedient Faithful”, but more specifically, at those who for a variety of self-indulgent reasons placed themselves above God’s Will; and God’s Law. No-one; even those calling, but living the life of The Catholic Faith can claim to not know the Fifth Commandment: THOU SHALT NOT KILL, and support of this is always a Mortal sin and an Intrinsic Evil.

May God Grant ALL of us the Wisdom, Courage, the Means and the Opportunity to change, and therefore increase the possibility of this voting blocks salvation.

Pat Miron


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