John 3:16-20.. …

John 3:16-20.. What does it REALLY Teach? OSAS?

“For God so loved the world, as to give his only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in him, may not [NOT “will not”] perish, but may have [Attain] life everlasting.  For God sent not his Son into the world, to judge the world, but that the world may be saved by him.  He that believeth in him is not judged. But he that doth not believe, [ACCEPT FULLY] is already judged: because he believeth not in the name [AND THE WORDS AND TEACHINGS] of the only begotten Son of God. And this is the judgment: because the light is come into the world, and men loved darkness [there own human opinions rather than Devine teachings] rather than the light: [God’s Own Truths] for their works were evil.” [Opposed to God in there Pride filled lack of right understanding].

FOOTNOTES Quoted from the Douay-Rheims Bible quoted above:  “

For every one that doth evil hateth the light, and cometh not to the light, that his works [AND WORDS] may not be reproved. [18] Is not judged: He that believeth, viz., by a faith working through charity, is not judged, that is, is not condemned; but the obstinate unbeliever is judged, that is, condemned already, by retrenching himself from the society of Christ and his church.” [singular]

This is How one becomes a saint..Acts.5: 29 “But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men”

When accept the teachings of Jesus Christ [as expressed; without changing the meaning]

We are saying and confirming that “God IS trustworthy.” [The opposite is also true]. Father Mitch Pacwa from EWTN

John 3: 35-36 [Same book as 3:16]

the Father loves the Son, and has given all things into his hand. He who believes in the Son has eternal life; [Meaning they who hear and OBEY] he who does not [hear and] obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God rests upon him.”