Is “Redemption Salvation”?

[QUOTE]=Creation43 The way I look at faith and works is basically based on the words of Jesus:

Your faith has saved you (your sins are forgiven thee), go and sin (transgress Gods eternal unchangeable Law) no more.

The Israelites were saved out of Egypt (grace, the unmerited favor of God) and THEN God gave them His holy eternal Commandments and told them to keep His Commandments (i.e, go and sin no more).

We are saved by grace, for free, simply by believing. We receive The Holy Spirit for free and Jesus then works out His perfect life in us (=sanctification) and we become changed from Commandment breakers not compatible with Heaven, to being Commandment keepers, safe to take to Heaven on that great and glorious ressurection day at our Lords soon return.[/QUOTE]

My dear friend in Christ;

What you adhere to is a common but false and very incomplete understanding of the Divine Nature of God; how and why God created us precisely as he did, and the result of “Human-engineering” of the Gospel. There is and logically can be “only One truth” per issue.

Space will prohibit a detailed response, so if you desire more evidence of what I am sharing send me a Private Message.

Usually when I quote the bible I include the passage for easy reference but space will not permit me to do so this time.

1. God did not automatically forgive sins in the OT; God used priest as He does today but then in a less significant role. READ Lev.4: 20,26, 31 and Lev. 6:7

2. Of all of God’s created THINGS only Humanity alone has what is necessary to “Love”. Isaiah 43: 7, 21 combined with the First Commandment prove this reality.

3. “Go and sin no more” is by itself the explanation in summary form; the very reason that OSAS cannot be even a possibility, much less a reality. Because man can sis; man DOES sin. And while Christian Baptism solves the past history of our sins; it has little effect on our future sins. READ 1 Jn.1: 8-10 and 1 Jn. 5:16-17. .. You presume in grave error that sin “cannot exist; is not committed by those who are blessed “to Know who God is, or even the Baptized.” .. Knowledge of God is in no manner, way, shape or form the same as “salvation” and a magic shield that prevents all further sin, which I understand is the common non-Catholic [and unbiblical] position. That is simply some mans personal concept; certainly NOT God’s.

4. Christ came to and did accomplish Redemption for ALL; but, this is a separate issue from Salvation. “Redemption” references the imitative of God’s Grace that is a pre-requirement for Faith, and in addition it unlocked again the gate of heaven [to which Christ gave Saint peter the key], and makes heaven once again a possibility.

5. The Bible is replete with evidence of the possibility of sin, and the warning to seek reconciliation through true repentance combined with a FIRM [serious] commitment to alter our life style that leads us to sin.

6. Christ Himself has commanded how sin WILL BE FORGIVEN now that we live “under grace” and no-longer under the OT Laws. NOTE: The Commandments are not only still valid; they are NOW 10 categories of sin [because of grace] and not ONLY 10 possible sins. [Making sin even MORE Likely!]

7. Jesus Himself instituted the Seven Sacraments for our POSSIBLE salvation. Conditional on their use, and our access through them of the necessary Graces to Fight Satan.

8. Four Sacraments in particular apply to humanities POSSIBLE Salvation. 1. Christian Baptism which removed BOTH all of our Prior-existing sins as well as there necessary “pay-back” issues. 2. Confession/ Reconciliation of our sins to a Catholic priest [John 20:19-23] who does not forgive our sins BUT is required by Christ to GRANT permission to God so that He does as asked by His priest. [LOOK IT UP] 3. Eucharist which is Catholic Holy Communion; the single GREATEST source of Grace available to humanity; [Because it REALLY is Jesus Himself], precisely because God desires our salvation; knows FULL- WELL the presence, power, and influence of Satan, and that this GRACE is the most effective tool available to us to win the war we are engaged in with Satan. [THAT ONE CAN NO-LONGER SIN IS SATAN’S MOST EFFECTIVE TOOL, and is based on PRIDE. 4. Confirmation where we Do receive the assistance of the Holy Spirit; BUT this too is not a shield from sin; but a sword with which we MAY freely choose to fight our natural tendencies to sin with God’s assistance.

Wish I could share more,

God Bless you


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